Committed to empowerment and sustainability of humanity

Our board of directors is committed to ensuring our organisation contributes to the empowerment and sustainability of humanity. The Board of Aliamos is committed to the highest standard of governance in caring for our human and physical resources, and in pursuing opportunities for continuous improvement.

Current board members have academic, business, accounting, psychology, information technology, science and humanitarian backgrounds and skills. Board members are appointed for terms of one year and are eligible for reappointment.

Our board's decisions are made through voting with unanimous or majority agreement determining whether a motion is carried or not. Directors with a declared conflict of interest must abstain.


Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes has completed a Bachelor of Environmental Management (Sustainable Development)(Hons) and is working in environmental strategy development in the construction industry. Samantha, a founding director, is committed to raising the funds and awareness necessary to enable the sustainable empowerment of communities worldwide and sees Aliamos as the most unique and powerful mechanism to achieve this.

"I love being part of an organisation that is making a difference. I love the fact that Aliamos is completely volunteer run and aims to cut through the bureaucracy and administration that can so often hinder fantastic aid projects - we do all the boring parts for you!"


Paul Jukes

Paul Jukes is an agricultural engineer with more than 20 years' experience in water supply, community participation and business management. A Landmark Education graduate and Vipassana meditator, Paul lives by generating compassion and unity and taking actions to manifest this in the world, creating an environment to nurture empowerment. Paul has travelled extensively in all continents and partnered communities to create the livelihoods they want.

"After driving and camping in the desert of northern Mexico with my two very young children for weeks and living in almost total silence and isolation we found ourselves in the midst of a small remote Mexican community who were living a simple traditional life. Their traditional livelihoods could not be sustained under the external pressures of more developed communities. While I had seen poverty before in South-East Asia and other parts of Mexico, this scene of disempowered traditional peoples sank in very deeply and gave me some direction. Eventually Aliamos emerged."


Theresa Fischer

Theresa Fischer is a practicing ecologist, currently enrolled in a Masters of Community Development, with seven years' experience in developing tropical sustainable agricultural systems and ecosystem health. Preferring the field to the office, Theresa has learnt and shared ecoagricultural techniques with indigenous peoples in Australia, South America, Africa and Thailand. Committed to peace, liberty and empowerment Theresa works towards a world free from hunger.

"It is through Aliamos that I have realised my dream for food sovereignty for the world’s poorest. I have been challenged many times and have pushed through my own self- limitations and achieved what I thought I never could. I have actually made a difference to people in Africa, Thailand and Bolivia, and there are now children eating organically grown vegetables and drinking clean water because of the opportunity that Aliamos provides. It is such a privilege to be a part of this new awakening in the world."


Arbab Sikandar

Arbab Sikandar is Assistant Accountant with a Melbourne-based public accounting firm. Arbab has degrees in accounting, economics and finance and is currently undertaking the CPA program as an associate member of the Australian Society of Certified Public Accountants. Arbab has more than three years’ experience in the taxation, bookkeeping and accounting industry. Arbab has been volunteering for three years and is committed to the ideals of social justice, equality of opportunities and spread of education across the globe especially in the third world.

"I was born and raised in rural Punjab, Pakistan. The first school I went to didn’t have its own building. The lessons were conducted in the village’s central communal building that was normally used for weddings and after-funeral gatherings. I was lucky to be sent to Forman Christian College in Lahore for further studies and, later on, I went to the International Islamic University in Islamabad before coming to Australia to study accounting. I joined Aliamos because I wanted to give something back to the country that I now call my home. Personally, I believe in the ideals of equality of opportunities, compassion, unity and empowering the people especially women."