100% of your donations to Aliamos go directly to supporting projects in the field in developing countries.

Our directors donate their time and money to fund Aliamos’ administration costs allowing us to dedicate your donations to the people who need them most.

When you donate to Aliamos, you can witness the difference your contribution makes as we put you in direct partnership with the recipients of your donation via project updates which we will send to you. In some instances it is also possibly to put you in communication with the communities through moderated communication directly with the coordinator and members of the community.

How your $20 donation can help

In Uganda

  • 100 litre barrel for liquid manure
  • 4 rakes
  • 5 machetes
  • 6 tins of vegetable seeds
  • 7 hoes

In Thailand

  • 2 concrete fish ponds
  • seeds and tools to feed a village school of around 50 children

How your $50 donation can help

Empower 30 children to grow food for themselves in Uganda

Join with 4 friends to set up a micro gifting buffalo breeding program

  • You choose where your donation goes

    Our donors can elect where their donations are directed, either as project cost or administration costs, or a combination of the two. If a donor would like their contribution to support a field project, we invite them to choose the project they want to support. Donations to projects fund the on-the-ground costs of running a project in a developing community. Donations to Aliamos administration fund the costs of running Aliamos, including annual fees, insurance and charity registration.

    How to donate

    Please donate to Aliamos by clicking this Donate now button which will take you to the secure Give Now website. You may also donate via mail or direct debit, and credit card or bank card are both accepted.