Aliamos exists completely thanks to volunteers who are committed to making a difference to humanity and are willing to take action in empowering others towards a world of unity, compassion and peace.

Our commitment to our volunteers is to partner with them in creating something that is inspiring, that makes them excited and that contributes to creating peace empowerment and compassion in the world.

How you can get involved in a field project

Volunteering in the field can be done in two ways: you can volunteer on an existing project or you can partner with a community to create a project and co-ordinate its implementation. Projects need to comply with the Aliamos guidelines that ensure social and cultural appropriateness alongside environmentally sustainability. Learn more about our projects by reading some stories from the field.

How you can volunteer to help with our administration

All administration volunteering is done online, meaning distance, time, work, and other obligations are no barrier to you in participating in realising the Aliamos mission. In fact, Aliamos is completely operated through volunteers operating remotely.

Aliamos exists because of volunteers across Australia, U.S, Uganda, Thailand, Bolivia and Europe. We do not have a central office or workspace that requires rent or lease payments. Remote volunteering enables donors to invest their resources in the highest possible use, and enables Aliamos to contribute 100% of the donations it receives to community projects. It is through volunteering that we grow a culture of giving and compassion.

Useful skills you may like to share

  • Web design
  • Fundraising
  • T-shirt creation
  • Policy writing
  • Board or committee leader
  • Awareness raising
  • Event coordination
  • Newsletter development
  • Appeals
  • Raffles
  • Organising media representation (newspapers and radio)
  • Research
  • Volunteer co-ordination
  • Book keeping
  • Project co-ordination
  • Discussion and awareness groups
  • Translation
  • Store holding
  • Speaking at schools or groups about the work of Aliamos

What you can get out of volunteering with us

The highest benefit of all comes withthe experience of deepening your connectedness to all people, the natural environment and contributing to realising empowerment for all human beings. As a volunteer, you will have a dedicated team to help and guide you, skills, training and, when available, mentoring. You will always be treated with equality as a valued member of the Aliamos team. Most communication with volunteers is done via email and phone. There is also a quarterly newsletter that is sent to all volunteers and members.

Sign up now

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest in being involved. We would love to hear from you

What our volunteers say

"Aliamos made me understand that the power for change comes from within each and every individual within the community, and that this understanding comes from listening and working together in unity. For me, the greatest experience I had was hearing people's stories, and listening to them talk about their experiences, language, and needs. This dialogue brings out cultural solutions from people who live and experience the oppression on a daily basis. And the approach which emerges is far more likely to be successful, because the people themselves understand the importance of following through and of taking responsibility." Sarah Knoll, volunteer, Aliamos

"I had the pleasure of volunteering with Aliamos in it's early stages and I was completely in love with the vision and results that Aliamos were creating and achieving with my fellow men, women and children in other countries. I see the desperate need for their work and education to help raise the standard of living for so many people; just as I'd need that assistance if i were over there. I wish everyone knew the difference and amazing contribution Aliamos is doing for our brothers and sisters on another land. Love n Warmth." Matthew Scott, volunteer, Aliamos